CIVICA Mobilitas

Center for Institutional Development – CIRa  

The Center for Institutional Development – CIRa – is a local non-profit mediator organisation for support, established by the local staff of the USAID Programme for Democratic Cooperation (DemNet) in Macedonia (in the period 1995-2004). The idea to establish a local organisation came out so that financial support is still provided to the community and encourage the development of a sustainable civil society in Macedonia and wider in the region.

CIRa is founder and member of several networks operating in Macedonia and South-East Europe, such as: Civic Platform of Macedonia (over 35 members), Coalition for Regional Cooperation and European Integration (COREI) covering 7 Balkan countries and Regional Network of Donors Rooted in the Local Community covering 6 Balkan countries. Except for networking, CIRa has been active in performing capacity strengthening activities in the Balkan countries.

CIRa’s mission is focused on strengthening the capacities of the civil society and local communities, in order to accomplish its mission by advancing its own participation in the public, strengthening the capacities and the mobilisation of local resources when it comes to solving issues in the communities.

CIRa’s strategic objectives are: developing effective and efficient organisations and institutions; developing philanthropy and participatory development of local communities.

CIRa’s strongest side is the approach to capacity strengthening through participatory method, client-driven, which enables active participation of the participants in all the stages of the learning knowledge application process.

The capacity strengthening interventions cover:  participation, problem analysis and organisation evaluation, technical background, mentorship and consultations for organisational strengthening and institutional development, which shall eventually result in concrete products to improve the organisational efficiency.

CIRa, by performing its activities, has been cooperating with: civic organisations, central and local authorities, business sector, donor community representatives in Macedonia and region, organisations from the Balkans and other countries from Central and Eastern Europe, as well as other stakeholders, relevant for the development of the civil society.

As of July 2009, the Center for Institutional Development - CIRa started to implement the Civil Society Support Programme “CIVICA MOBILITAS”, financially supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, represented by the Swiss Cooperation Office in Macedonia (SDC)




This Programme is implemented by the Center for Institutional Development – CIRa and is financially supported by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), represented by the Swiss Cooperation Office in Macedonia